The Wold of Lars Wallin

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The World of Lars Wallin

“Lars makes all women just a little more beautiful…everyone dreams of a Lars Wallin dress”

I was selected to deliver beauty, Lars says. “Creativity is not about what materials are at hand. Creativity is seeing what you have around and creating something beautiful out of it”. I devote a lot of myself in my work and my designs are a reflection of my personality” My need to express myself is rather to create impression. I have a very strong need to be aesthetically stimulated and I get huge kicks out of it”.

Over the last 20 years, Lars Wallin has grown to be regarded as one of the best-known and sought after couture designers in Scandinavia.

Many royalties, artists and prominent clients come regularly from all over the world to Lars Wallin for his unique designs and garments.

Together with Lars Wallin’s outstanding eye and feeling for design, 4 core values are the reasons for his success and these are the reasons why so many people are dreaming of owning a Lars Wallin:

All designs and all garments are authentic and genuine. No designs are copied, but are all genuine designs of Lars Wallin himself. The soul and personality of Lars Wallin is visible in his garments.

All garments are produced with the highest standards of expertise. From design to workmanship, from fabric selection to the smallest finishing details a Lars Wallin garment permeates and embodies the true essence of craftsmanship.

When Lars Wallin creates his design, individuality is of highest importance. Both in terms of the individuality of the person, that he is creating the design for, and for the garment itself. Each piece of art has its own individuality!

Slow fashion
A garment from Lars Wallin is not fashion in the traditional sense. It is a piece of art that is timeless. Lars Wallin does not follow trends.  A Lars Wallin garment has no expiry date.

Where his un-Swedish glamorous style comes from, he does not know. “I have always been inspired by international reach and never felt rooted in Sweden, in what is called the Swedish design”, says Lars.

He has, as long as he can remember, been fascinated by the aesthetically beautiful, the image of perfection. He remembers when he was four years old at “Holiday on Ice” sitting at the front of the audience. Suddenly the lights went on and there, was a skating princess in shimmering gold, crisp crinolines and feathers on her head. It was astonishing,

“Lars is an artist and you see it clearly in his studio”, says singer Emilia de Poret, who hired Lars Wallin for the first time in 2000. “Upon entering, something incredibly special happens. It is beautiful in aesthetic terms and emotional: It involves the whole, nothing is left untouched.

“I was selected to deliver beauty”

Lars Wallin’s world is all about harmony. It is a world that is reduced to the most essential; the uncut and all its creativity. Lars wants his customers to experience the harmony and he wants them to feel at home in his atelier.

Taking inspiration from French haute couture, musicals and 50´s movies, Lars wants to create portable dreams that are uncompromising in their expression. His motivation has been to combine the French aesthetics and artistry with American commercialism and with that he is soon to offer a partake of his unique expression to a much wider audience both nationally and internationally.

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