Jewelry Care Advice - The World of Lars Wallin
Lars Wallin is a well-renowned designer of couture and exclusive fashion, jewelry and dining collections. My passion is design you can love for the rest of your life. Exciting yet elegant lines in beautiful harmony and with attention to detail. Thank you for sharing my passion.
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Jewelry Care Advice- Silver Collections

Lars Wallin Jewelry is made of Sterling Silver and consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

It is important that you care for your jewelry so that it gives you pleasure for many years.

We recommend that you place your jewelry in the supplied box/bag after use. Dry off the piece with a soft polishing cloth and avoid wearing jewelry when you sleep, work or carry out other activities that can damage the piece. Contact with detergents, perfumes, and washing of hands etc. may damage your jewelry, and in some cases leave behind deposits.

Silver reacts with sulfur in the air and on the skin, etc., which tend to make your piece of jewelry yellow or black in color. Our jewelry is coated with an antioxidant surface, but even this surface can be weakened by prolonged and heavy use.

Our ”Oxy”-series is easily cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. It also works with lighter cleaning products, but please avoid soaking the jewelry in solutions for a long period of time, as there is a risk that the oxidized surface might fade. Wash well afterwards so that any residue is removed from the surface.

Also, be aware that oxidized silver sometimes leaves behind small particles that can be seen as ”rust” on skin and clothes.

When it comes to our ”Frost”-series can you clean all surfaces except for flowers and leaves, as the surfaces of these are going through a delicate process during manufacturing. Polishing and usage of cleaning agents might cause the uneven frosted surface to be grinded down gradually. Instead we recommend that you entrust the jewel to an expert who can clean it with ultrasound and possibly even coat the piece with a protective finish.

You are always welcome to contact us for advice or recommendations.